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Logo Design

A logo that will be a major part of your marketing madness!

What’s included:

I am a professional graphic designer who will bring your vision to life and present your unique style to attract customers.

Main components of your logo:


Colors are the core communication of your logo. They convey your brand’s attitude: playful or serious, scientific or fictional, etc.

I recommend having no more than a three color combination for your logo. These colors will affect the rest of your company/brand image, so I pick these carefully.


Also known as fonts. They are chosen for the same reason we choose colors, they communicate the feeling of what kind of business you have.


Can be an icon, symbol, or a picture that represents what your business sells or values the most.


Found under your logo, this is usually made up of a sentence or catchphrase to hook your audience or explain what services your business offers.

Not all logos have a tagline, but if your logo is an abstract image with no specific indication to what it means, then it is better to have a tagline.

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