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Social Media Trends for 2022

Given how large and important social media is in our lives. Businesses and marketers rush to social media platforms to connect with a wider audience. However, it is not that easy. The competition is very high and it is a big challenge for you to be successful, unless you follow a consistent strategy.

Moreover, it is our job to keep up with all the latest social media trends to enhance your marketing strategy.

Here is a list of the latest social media trends. These trends keep shifting and we do our best to keep up with the changes.

TikTok will continue to grow

TikTok has grown immensely and continues to do so. It was the first app, other than Facebook, to reach over 3 million downloads!

At first, we all thought TikTok will eventually fade. But that doesn’t seem to be the case here. TikTok continues to grow, and we are seeing more businesses rush to the platform and successfully use it to reach new audiences.  

In 2020, TikTok was the world’s most downloaded app, and it is still gaining popularity. It has also influenced other social media platforms such as Instagram to create a TikTok look alike called Reels.

Taken from our TikTok

You can see the striking resemblance between Instagram Reels and TikTok. We believe that TikTok is here to stay. It has affected other social media platforms to alter their features to emphasize short video content.  

The goal of social media marketing is to reach new audiences.  

In 2021, the main goals of social media marketing were mainly to promote new products in addition to increase brand awareness and sales. However, in 2022, we see that these goals have shifted towards brand awareness more than ever before.

The goals of 2022 social media marketing strategies are focusing on reaching new audiences, increasing loyalty, and improving customer service.

The main goal has become to find new ways to reach new customers, create deep relationships and create a community. And to do so, you will need to stay active and consistent in posting relevant and trendy content and invest in marketing teams like us.

Moreover, to create a deep sense of engagement with your audience you will have to interact with them through features such as polls, Q&As, and live videos.

Social media management jobs are in high demand.

No doubt that social media is one of the most powerful strategies for your business. And it is not used for brand awareness only, it plays a major role in customers’ decision making.

Social media is being recognized as a driving force for sales and customer acquisition, which is why more companies are beginning to hire dedicated social media managers instead of leaving it as a side project.

“When social media isn’t prioritized, organizations miss out on the opportunity to optimize platforms and turn them into revenue generators.” Aytekin Tank, Founder and CEO of Jotform.

Social media must be prioritized so you do not miss out on any opportunities. Hiring one of our dedicated social media managers will help you solve the problems you face with social media. You will allow your business to stay consistent, and have a strong online presence if you hire us.

“Micro-influencer” marketing is on the rise.

We saw a rise of “everyday influencers” during the pandemic, this created a more natural and unscripted type of influencers.

People began to trust these new and upcoming influencers during the pandemic, and “micro influencer” marketing has grown strong since then.

In 2022 we will see an increase in influencer marketing on social media. However, you need to pick the influencers that best suit your brand.

We can bring you great results by finding influencers with an audience that makes the most sense for you. Instead of focusing on big influencers with many followers who do not relate to your brand, we will focus on smaller influencers with an engaged following that would be interested in your brand.

Micro influencers are beginning to make a bigger impact than large influencers. For example, we can create an influencer campaign with 10-30 micro influencers and let it run for 5 months, and you will see great results.

There will be a strong shift towards e-mail marketing and social media marketing.

Google is planning to phase out cookie tracking by 2023 which means there will no longer be third party cookie advertising.

As a result, more marketing strategies are going to pivot towards email marketing and social media marketing.

Now is the best time to begin to build your customer database and understand where to meet your users on a deeper more personal level.

Increase in “snackable content”

Since the days of Vine, and now the rise of TikTok, short form snackable content has been proven to be successful time and time again.

If you haven’t already started using short form videos, we suggest you start doing it now. And we are here to help if you find yourself struggling.

Social media shopping is increasing

Social platforms have created shopping options so people can buy products without leaving the site.

For example Instagram “shoppable stories” where you can click on a product to purchase without being redirected to a different site.

More companies will begin to use these features for selling in 2022.

How we can help you follow the trend

  • We will take advantage and create short trendy videos.
  • We aim to create relatable content. Showing a different side to your business, talk about the company’s values, and go behind the scenes.
  • We give your brand a voice and converse with customers like they are friends and family.
  • We utilize all of the engaging features to create polls, questions, fun quizzes, and any feature that can hold the audience’s attention.
  • We concentrate on quality over quantity. Posting high quality content will bring better results than posting every day, and your customers will appreciate it.

This is just a brief on the points we can focus on. There is no specific way to market a company. Each company is unique and we aim to bring out the uniqueness and true identity of your company so people will know how brilliant you are.

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