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Product Photography

We will discuss what product photography is on this page, and how we can apply our skills to benefit your business. Product photography is an art just like painting or carving.

We create inspiring and attractive images that help drive sales to your business. 

What is product photography?

Also known as “e-commerce photography.”

It is the process of taking photos and using them on social media and websites to help increase sales and build engagement with your business/brand. Due to the current rise in online shopping and the increase in the choice of products available online, it is very important to have high quality product shots.

Professional photos illustrate to the customers why your products are worth it and they tell your story.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Why you need product photography?

It is not simply showing your customers what the product or service looks like. Our experts take photos that showcase to customers how your product/service will fit into their own life as well. Moreover, research has found that high quality and detailed images create a psychological sense of ownership of the product. Photography will reinforce what you stand for and what you are about.

Having your own high quality product photos will boost your online SEO and will show to the people that you are authentic and trusted.

Before taking photos, we think about the goals we wish to achieve and we bring those goals to life through the lenses of our cameras.

Keep in mind that online advertising and selling is a multi-billion dollar industry that depends heavily on product photography. From small handmade items to thousand dollar items, all industries count on product photos for increasing sales. Customers rely heavily on pictures so they can better understand the product they are purchasing. Product images can make or break a sale.

We study your niche and identify the most appropriate method of photography to bring you more leads.

For example: think about a barbeque grill. A normal photo would be basic and straightforward, simply showing the grill, four legs, some handles, and a lid. Customers know what a grill is, it is not even worth posting a simple picture of a grill.

If we switch things up a little, the photo can be much more appealing to potential customers.

Now imagine that grill with the lid up and red hot coals inside of it with a piece of big juicy steak with grill marks on it. Next to it on the table are kebabs, hummus, salads, and fresh juice.

What do you think? Which scenario is more likely to lure in a new customer? The one with the steak! Now you see what role product photography has in identifying your uniqueness.

The types of product photography

Individual shots

This is the most common type of photography. It is based on individual shots that showcase the features and uniqueness of a single product.

Group shots

Just like it sounds, a group shot is a photo of multiple products together. Group shots are used when the items are related to each other. Or it can be used when you are promoting a buy one get one offer.

Detailed shots

Close up and detailed shots of a certain characteristic of the product. An example would be a close up of a watch to show the fine details and quality of the bezels, hands, and so on. We use close up shots to showcase the quality of an item.

Lifestyle shots

This type of photography shows how the product will look when it is being used. For example, the gas grill we mentioned earlier is a lifestyle shot. A person wearing a sunglasses product on the beach is a lifestyle shot. Any photos that make the customers imagine themselves using the product.


We have gone through why product shots are important and we displayed an example of each type of photoshoot.

To create a brand and identity you need a creative team that will work with you and bring your ideas to life. We can cover it all.

We are ready for you when you contact us for your next photo shoot. If you have not done one yet, make this your first!

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