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Social Media Marketing

This is the era of digital marketing. According to oberlo, almost 57.6% of the global population are social media users, which is a 9.9% year-over-year increase.

This chart shows the increase in social media users per billion over the years:

That is the more reason why every business needs to be present on all social media platforms. People are mostly at home, no one is watching TV nowadays, and let’s be honest, sharing ads on social media is way more affordable than billboards and TV ads.

Now let’s talk about how to benefit the most out of social media:

  • On social media, you should tell your story, build trust, and use this platform to prove that you are capable and knowledgeable.
  • Don’t just throw your product out there and hope that people buy it, you can do that on Amazon…
  • Connect with people by building trust and delivering content that shows that you are knowledgeable.
  • On social media, you are meant to connect with people, not just sell your product!
  • Understanding who your target market is will help you promote your product or service successfully, and to do that, you need to research the “Who, Where, and How”

What do we mean by the “Who, Where, and How”? let’s dig deeper into that:

  • The Who: Who needs your product/service? This includes age, gender, marital status, education level, and occupation.
  • The Where: Where are your customers? This includes places where your customers can be found (City/town, Climate, Social media platforms).
  • The Why: Why do your customers choose your product? What is their personality and lifestyle? How much of your product or service will they purchase?
  • The How: How do your customers behave? Customers buy a product to fulfill a need, how does your product fulfill that need? What information do they have about your product that will convince them to buy it?

What we mean is that your customers are not going to magically show up. You will always need to study and research potential customers, but you don’t need to worry, will we be taking care of all that for you! Contact us now

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