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My Story

My name is Diana, I am a marketing expert, web designer, graphic designer, product photo/videographer, a pharmacist, and skin aesthetic!! I had my own skincare brand back in Syria, achieved so much success thanks to the marketing skills I learned along the way. But handling a business in Syria stopped being an enjoyable experience which lead me to start over in UAE as a freelancer and entrepreneur and it has been a joyful journey for me and I am very thankful to be where I am today.

I am working under the name Planet Media to create a brand that will hopefully evolve to be a larger platform gathering many talents. At Planet media I consider your success to be mine and believe that with hard work, inventive imagination, and genius efforts, anything is possible!

I am driven by values

Planet media is a values-driven Platform. At the heart of every great company lies its core values, the operating principles and guide rails that permeate every area of the business. I believe that my values are core not only to my own success, but also to my ability to effectively serve my customers and my future team.


Super Efficient

I will study every aspect of your business and will research the mentality and behavior of your audience, guaranteeing efficient results.


Deeply Committed

“The only way is forward” That is something I always repeat, which is why I am always growing, and will always be there to make sure you only move forward.


Highly Skilled

I am very active, up-to-date, ambitious, and creative because I don’t want to repeat others’ work, I want to create my own. I want to give you a signature!