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Our Story

We are a team of marketing experts, web designers, graphic designers, photo/videographers, and many other freelancers specializing in building brands and businesses.

We all gathered under the name of Planet media to create beautiful efficient results. In Planet media we consider your success to be ours and believe that with hard work, inventive imagination and genius efforts, anything is possible!

We are driven by values

Planet media is a values-driven company. At the heart of every great company lies its core values, the operating principles and guide rails that permeate every area of the business. We believe that our values are core not only to our own success, but also to our ability to effectively serve our customers and our team.


Super Efficient

We will study every aspect of your business and will research the mentality and behavior of your audience, guaranteeing efficient results.


Deeply Committed

“The only way is forward” That is something we always repeat, which is why our team is always growing, and will always be there to make sure you only move forward.


Highly Skilled

We choose our members to be active, up-to-date, ambitious, creative, and clever individuals because we don’t want to repeat others’ work, we want to create our own. We want to give you a signature!